Shiva Services

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Shiva is a week of mourning and comfort, memories and grieving.


Grief can make the smallest of tasks loom like a mountain. Setting up a shiva house, with all the details needed for a week of true comfort and solace, can be overwhelming to mourners who are grappling with deep pain and find themselves trying to borrow siddurim and chairs.


Chesed shel Emes founded a special gemach called Shiva Services, to make the week of shiva just a little easier for mourners. Shiva Services provides all the items mourners need as they sit shiva, as well as some extras to make the shiva week easier and a bit more comfortable.


Chesed shel Emes quickly and quietly provides all the necessary items and sets them up, to allow mourners to start the week of mourning in a suitable environment with everything they need.

Shiva is painfully hard. We're here to make it just a little easier.

Shiva Table


Sefer Torah

Comfortable Shiva Chairs

Folding Chairs for Visitors

Small Tables

Water Coolers

Siddurim (Nusach Sfard, Ashkenaz & Ari)

Pushkes (Charity Boxes)

Hamakom Signs


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