Bereavement should never be made harder with bureaucratic difficulties. Chesed shel Emes is here to advocate, expedite and coordinate on your behalf.


Chesed shel Emes operates through the entire state of Florida, working together with all medical examiners, local and state law enforcement, hospitals and funeral homes. We’re here for you through the entire grieving process, helping in every way we can.


Sensitivity. Compassion. Assistance.

It takes only one moment for lives to be turned upside down. For the ground to fall beneath one’s feet.

And in one moment, Chesed shel Emes is there.

To assist you. To support you. To expedite processes and be a shoulder for you to lean on.

Office - 24 Hours 305-359-5700  //  Emergency Number 305-590-8005

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Because no one is prepared for tragedy…

and no one should go through tragedy alone.

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