Emergency Services

Office - 24 Hours 305-359-5700  //  Emergency Number 305-590-8005

When emergencies happen, CSE is here to help you and set the necessary steps into motion right away.


Years of community service in every region in Florida has provided CSE with deep extensive resources ready to be utilized any time someone is in need of help.


Emergency Response Volunteers

At a moment’s notice, dedicated CSE volunteers will be dispatched to aid any person in distress.


Extensively trained and equipped, CSE volunteers will drive hours to assist in natural disasters, accidents, the aftermath of homicides and suicides, and crises.


A Liaison for the Jewish Community

CSE deeply values and respects the law enforcement and officials in Florida. Working together through crises and emergencies has led to warm ties and mutual understanding. CSE provides training and patrol guides for government officials on Jewish laws and sensitivities important for them to be aware of, for example, the laws of how to treat a body after death.


Before holidays when heavy pedestrian traffic and security considerations need to be taken into account, when autospies or other sensitive matters need to be handled, or any need arises in the Jewish community, CSE is there to expedite and take care of matters.


Search and Rescue Efforts

Many will never forget the horror and fear the day two teenage girls never came from their Shabbos walk on their Orlando school retreat.


CSE volunteers were mobilized and sent to Orlando to join the search. They spent the cold night combing through the dark woods and swamps to rescue the girls.


With immense miracles, the girls were found alive and whole after spending the entire night stuck in an isolated swamp.


The girls emotionally thanked CSE and all the other search volunteers from their hospital beds.


At any time of day and night, CSE volunteers will tirelessly spearhead search and rescue operations and devote superhuman efforts to search for missing persons until they are found.


Kovod Hameis

CSE has built cordial relationships with the medical examiners, coroners, hospitals, funeral homes and law enforcement. When there is a conflict between medical practices and Jewish law, CSE works along with the medical examiners and medical requirements, investing hours of liaisonship to reach a smooth resolution.


If an autopsy is absolutely necessary, CSE will be present to ensure it is completed according to Rabbinical instructions.


Extensive Crisis Resources

CSE has merited to help tens of suffering people with sensitivity, compassion and warmth.


One day CSE got a frantic phone call from a mother. Her son was in a rehab center in Florida, yet had just been sent out after a major setback. His parents had lost all contact with him since and knew there was a chance he was alone at the airport.


CSE volunteers traveled to the airport, where they found the boy. With warmth and compassion, they listened to his pain and spoke with him. The teenager finally agreed to be admitted to another rehab center, where he started to recover and triumph over his addiction and struggles.


Any Time You Need Someone to Turn To

If you are ever in need of help, don’t hesitate to call us 24 hours a day. We’re here to help you and provide you with the resources you need.


Sensitivity. Compassion. Assistance.

At any time of day and night, CSE volunteers will tirelessly spearhead search and rescue operations...

CSE volunteers were mobilized and sent to Orlando to join the search.
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